Monday, October 20, 2014

This Week’s Baking

I really enjoy baking with the children.  They have the choice to help so the ones that get involved really want to be there.
This morning we made Pumpkin Buckle from Taste of Home
It is delicious and tastes like pumpkin pie.
I chose this recipe for the pumpkin but also because it has a lot of ingredients which means each child had a lot of turns of scooping, pouring and stirring the ingredients.
This child had her first experience cracking an egg open.  She was nervous about trying so I offered to help.  She was surprised to have egg on her hands after the cracking.
     IMG_0500 IMG_0499
I’m sure I mentioned before how beneficial it is to have all the parents and grandparents involved in this program.  They know their child the best and are able to step in and help or to stand back and allow their little one to try on their own.
The pumpkin smelled good and was a bright orange colour until we whisked it
with the eggs.
The recipe is made in three levels.  The first is melted butter, the second is the cake batter and the third is the pumpkin.
As I was pouring the pumpkin mix into the pan, the little boy asked if he could taste it.  Since the bowl wasn’t going to be used again I said sure.  I felt pleased that he was adventurous to try and it encouraged the other children to try too.
The recipes take about 50 minutes to cook so I came prepared with a baked Pumpkin Buckle so the children could try it right away.
           As I said, it is delicious.  Finger licking delicious.