Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

With tubes taped to the wall and table.
The cans under the tubes are for catching the pasta so it doesn't fly all over the floor.
 The girls got right in to grabbing the pasta 
and dropping in to the tubes after I showed them it could be done.
 Watch her progression as she drops the pasta into the tube and follows it with her eyes.
 Where did it go?  It's not in the tube, maybe it's in the can?
Eventually they started playing with the cans so I put the tops on. 
I had already cut a small hole in the lids so they could drop pasta through it.
They spent quite a bit of time with this Tuesday Tub.

In the afternoon I brought it out the pasta again but with just the cans.
 Transferring items from one container to another is so much fun and something that toddlers love to do.
 Adding the lids with the holes adds another skill for them to practice.
Same with adding a tube.  This time she has reach to the top.