Friday, November 4, 2016

We Need to Move

It's Friday and we don't have access to the gym
but we can use the multi-purpose room.
It's important that we have an active break everyday so we
take advantage of the multi-purpose room
even when we have a big crowd.
We sing songs like Tony Chestnut and do some yoga moves.
We use scarves to help sing If You're Happy and You Know It
which always leads us to Sleeping Bunnies.
The scarves are great for playing with the poem
Popcorn Kernels
and "I Have a Rocket".
We also enjoyed a new to us book called
"Old MacDonald Has a Truck".
It introduces lots of big machines like bulldozers and steam rollers
which prompted us to make movements as we read/sang.
And finally at the end all the children lay down to take a breath.
I walk around with my tickle stick.
After they are tickled they stand up and put their mat away then
head back to our classroom