Friday, March 4, 2011

Seuss Week Final Day

Apples Up On Top, a great book for rhyme and math.
When each child arrived this morning I took their picture and quickly uploaded it to the computer.  Cropped, printed and it was ready for the art table.  The children were encouraged to use bingo daubers to add apples on top of their picture head.
Some children dabbed in a straight line on top of their head.

Some scattered their apples all over, as if the apple cart him them.

Others experimented with the dauber and watched it slide and glide across the paper.   I thought it made the apples look juicy.

Some children made patterns with their apples, red-blue-green or red-red-green-green.
Some enjoyed listening to the story.
The grownups wrote a sentence on each picture after asking their child how many apples were up on top.  Not all children said a number, some said 'too many' or 'lots', some just guessed.  Shows where they are in their development of math.

At story time I read the book but before starting gave each child 10 little blocks.
As we read through the book we built a tower.  I enjoyed watching how involved the children were with their towers and waiting and watching to see when to add the next.

 We also had apple shaped bean bags to try to stack on our heads.

Grownups tried too - no  hands!

At the snack table I brought out my apple peeler, corer, slicing machine and let the children prep some apples to share.  It's always fun to use this machine, very simple and efficient.

And always lets us do math with the peeling.  How long is it?  Is it as tall as I am?  Or as tall as my mom?

It's been a really fun week full of Seuss books and activities.
Mrs. Bainbridge's Class