Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Light Table Story

It was so exciting this week to see a post from 
Play At Home Mom and learn a new idea for the light table.
They cut tissue paper into shapes from a story,
laminated them and place them on the light table.  
Wow cheap, easy and quick to do.
I got right to work.
We are all about the ocean at the moment and one of our favourite books is "I'm the Biggest Thing In the Ocean"
by Kevin Sherry.
I traced the characters from the book on different coloured tissue paper.
I also made water waves in various shades of blue.
Sometimes a parent would read the book with the children as they acted it out.
Others made up their own story.  
He was telling a story similar to the song "Slippery Fish".
"At the end", he said, "when the whale burps he throws up all the fish".
It was interesting to ask questions about the different shades of blue water.
Which colour was it the easiest to see what was inside the whale?
Definitely as the shade grew lighter it was easier to see what was inside.