Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gifts for the Fairies

           dec 25 222
The whole family is home for Christmas. 
We woke this morning to rain but by the time we finished opening
presents and playing a few games it had begun to snow.
Great big beautiful flakes that just called for us to go out for a walk.
dec 25 227  dec 25 158
Two of my daughters hadn’t visited Fairy Lane since it’s creation
so off we went trekking to the woods.

        dec 25 220
But we didn’t go empty handed. 
My oldest daughter made a gift for the fairies – little stockings to keep
their feet toasty.
dec 25 054 dec 25 055
We carefully strung them on a clothesline and hung them from the bark.
dec 25 061 dec 25 163
Two lines were hung over doors, one at each end of Fairy Lane.
The fairies are sure to find them.
          dec 25 171
    We watched for a while but couldn’t spy any of them.
       dec 25 048
dec 25 212 dec 25 215
But our dog spent a lot of time sniffing around.  Could it be she could sense
the fairies were about?
I don’t know but others were looking too because we saw other gifts
left in the woods.
    dec 25 033
          A red heart hung in a tree.
dec 25 062
And a little green nutcracker keeping guard by one of the doors.
It’s nice to know that others are thinking of the fairies too.

dec 25 162
Goodbye Fairy Lane, we'll visit again soon.

dec 25 155 Merry Christmas from my family to yours.