Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lessons Learned from our Grandfriends This Week

                   Another great visit at the seniors home this week.
This week we met a new grandfriend, who is blind.  We learned what it means to see with our hands.  We learned that we need to talk about what we are doing.  We played a ‘what is it?’ game with Olive.  We handed her a toy and the children and I would give her clues while she touched it.  She was good at guessing.

This week we learned to slow down with each other.
We learned that our grand friends need time to ask questions, and need time to ask the questions again.  They need time to process the information they heard from those questions.  This is the same for our children. They will ask question after question and when we try to rush them to understand their reaction is the opposite to what we want or expect.  I'll try slowing down and offering them the same respect that I give to our seniors.