Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Pom Pom Sort

  feb 20 077
        As one mom said to me when she saw this set up
                “Who doesn’t love pompoms?” 
       Then she scooped her hands into the soft balls.
feb 20 080 feb 20 078
      And that was pretty much the same feeling amongst the
              children that played at the table.
           feb 20 083
The sorting was tricky for some because I included
various shades - light and dark - of some colours.
 feb 25 020  feb 22 021
    Many children enjoyed filling the jars with random
     colours, then sticking their hand in
         or shaking it to empty it out.
         feb 20 090
    Others ignored the jars altogether to create
                     something new. 
                   “It’s a dinosaur.”
feb 25 021  feb 25 018
    But I enjoyed watching these two boys play with the jars. 
            Playing side by side then sharing the task of
               stacking them into a tower one at a time. 
               feb 25 022
   Then trying to catch them when they went tumbling down.

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