Thursday, December 20, 2018

Decorating a Tree

Talking with my daughters, leading up to Christmas, they were both wondering if they should put up a real tree yet.  Or would their little ones be too curious and try to pull it down?
For my oldest grand daughter I found this big felt tree.
It is a big cone and has velcro that holds it together.
(makes it easy to flatten and store through the year).
She was excited to discover  all the decorations
and took time check out each one.
On the tree there are lots of red pompoms.
Each felt ornament has a string attached so it can be looped over the pompoms.
 I thought this would be challenging for her but she managed very well.
For a younger child the felt ornaments will easily stick to the felt tree.
Finally there is a star that sits on top.
They added lights and now have a toddler friendly Christmas tree.
Tomorrow I'll share what I made for the one year old twins.