Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Watching Colours Move

Since school started we’ve been playing with colours.  Here are a few
experiments I saw on Pinterest and decided to try at school.
              sept 5 004
Fill three clear jars with water and add blue colouring to one,
red to another and yellow to the last.
sept 5 009  sept 5 011
Fold paper towel into long strips and place one strip half way
in one jar and half way in the other.
        sept 5 013
          Do the same for the other two jars.
sept 5 069  sept 5 020
During the morning we watched, talked and predicted what would happen. 
We saw the water creep up the towel and where the two towels touched a
new colour was created.

sept 10 004  sept 10 005
A couple of days later we started again but added three empty jars. 
Setting an empty jar between each of the coloured water filled jars.
       sept 10 018 sept 10 053
The same thing happened as in the first experiment, the colour crept
up the towel and down in to the empty jars.
sept 10 051  sept 10 050
But the liquid continued on to drip into each empty jar as a new colour.
           sept 10 052
We created orange, green and purple and a strong interest in colour mixing.

     sept 5 051  sept 10 022
                  It continues at the art area.