Friday, March 30, 2012

Magic Beans to Lollipops

What a magical time we've been having this week watching our 
Magic Beans grow.
 After planting the beans on Monday they grew a bit everyday.
 I posted a 'wonder' about would would grow and encouraged the children 
to imagine.
 They drew pictures of apple trees, pancake trees, paper, sun, flower and more.
 By Thursday they had grown with fluffy balls on top.
 What fun it was to watch the children's surprised looks.
 And come up with more ideas of what would grow.
 This morning there were lollipops waiting.
 I changed the words of the giant's Fee Fi Fo Fum to those below.
 When the children arrived and we talked about the lollipops
I let them know that they would be able to harvest them when 
it was time to say goodbye.
 Some tried to remember what colour bean they planted
so they could match to the lollipop.
 I documented the daily growth for the families that missed days.
Oooh!  A freshly picked lollipop.