Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going on a Dinosaur Hunt

Field trip day to our local museum.
We are fortunate to have fossils at our museum.
I thought we had dinosaurs but learned today that
the Elasmosaur that was discovered locally is not a dinosaur 
but a marine reptile.
There are great exhibits of other dinosaur fossils at our museum 
and we had fun exploring them all.
Before we went I created a booklet of items to be searched out.
Plus a little magnifying glass (a borrowed idea from a colleague - thanks Colleen).
The booklet gave the children a focus and 
helped them looked more closely at each item in the displays.
Pat, the museum expert spent time talking to the families about the displays.
We finished with a snack and story.
My voice is still just a bit more than a whisper 
so one of the dad's volunteered to read the story.
It was great!
I love how he emphasized certain sounds.
Pete the Cat also came to enjoy the museum and here are a few of his favourite displays.
 A dino smaller than himself.
 A sea turtle to ride on.
But his favourite was this BIG fish, mmmmm!