Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sharing Books with our Buddies

This morning we met with our buddies.  Our objective was to promote reading.
The big buddies had visited the library and picked out books to read to the
little buddies.  They practiced reading it before we got together.
This was an opportunity for the big buddies to be a teacher.  Teaching the little buddies how to handle a book.  I noticed the books being handled respectfully and turning the pages carefully.
Teaching the little buddies that pictures and words in the book mean something.
I noticed that they pointed at pictures after reading to help make connections.
Teaching the little buddies the pleasure of reading together.  I noticed heads together studying the book; listening, asking questions, talking together.

To end our time together the big buddies brought a book to life.
They performed Caps For Sale.

caps for sale 2 from Maureen Wagner on Vimeo.
As they story started the children settled in to listen.  Even our youngest buddies were attentive to what was happening.  We didn’t need a back drop or scenery, the big buddies led us through the story so enthusiastically that the little buddies were so enjoying it that they were willing to become involved.