Monday, December 24, 2012

Gingerbread Play

dec 20 001
We have been having a lot of fun playing with gingerbread this
past month.
Here are a few activities that included gingerbread.
dec 20 006
In the house area we have been baking gingerbread cookies using
these cork cut outs that have magnet on the back of them so they
stick to the pan.
dec 20 002
Someone thought they were real and took a bite, oh oh!
dec 10 031
The cookies were used for picnics with the reindeer.
Love how he has served each reindeer their own cookie on a plate.
Maybe it was one of the reindeer that took a bite.

dec 10 033 dec 10 034
They were used to match to the cookie cutters.
Trying to figure out which cutter was used to make them.
Also these two children worked on their ‘taking turns’ skill and
watched while each other tried to find the match.

dec 10 005
Gingerbread play dough to decorate.

dec 17 040
Sticky easel gingerbread house decorating.
dec 18 032
Thanks to Deborah Stewart at Teach Preschool for the sticky easel idea.
dec 18 036
To make mine I covered the easel with yellow paper then cut out
the house from brown tissue paper and taped it to the yellow.
Finally covered it all with contact paper, sticky side out.
dec 19 017
Provide lace, door and window cut outs and lots of shaped, sparkly sequins.

The great thing about a sticky easel is that you can take everything off at the
 end of the day and they can redecorate it again the next day.

And finally we had many gingerbread story books to share and enjoy.
dec 19 044