Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

To the sticky paper on the wall I placed the sensory tub in front of it and put small pieces of colour tissue paper in it.
They took the pieces of tissue paper and stuck it on the sticky wall.
They also discovered that the tissue makes a beautiful waterfall to the floor.
Another discovery was that the tissue easily stuck to the bottom of their feet when they walked on it.
That turned into part of the fun.  
Peeling it off the feet and sticking it to the wall.
All 3 of them enjoyed this idea of things sticking to the wall.
 I noticed that the table was getting in their way so I removed it and placed the tub on the floor.
Oh their curiosity!
They needed to check out the tub.

And soon started dumping it.
Their next step was to grab the paper and put it back in the tub just so they could dump it again.
The sticky wall will stay for a few weeks.
Next week I will add something new.
Visit again to see what it is.