Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Horse

We did a simple craft this morning.
          jan 31 002
With a precut horse head the children could draw on features, glue on
              eyes and wool for the mane plus a few extras.
 jan 31 012 jan 31 013
           I like how he represented the mouth with one piece of wool.
                       jan 31 019
    Clever to use longer pieces of wool to add bows to the horses mane.
 jan 31 020 jan 31 022
                     Her pony is called Petal, can you guess why?
                   jan 31 033
                            Very focused on printing her name.
  jan 31 084
                       Wishing you a happy Lunar New Year.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fortune Cookies with Buddies

              Today when we met with our big buddies we shared our
                                  Icky Sticky Bubble Gum song.
jan 30 023 jan 30 026
                   jan 30 029 
  Then we introduced Lunar New Years with a book called Fortune Cookies.
 jan 30 031 jan 29 025
       jan 29 026 jan 29 027
It’s a small book but the pictures are uncluttered and have little text.  The book tells the story of a child that receives seven fortune cookies and she opens one per day of the week.  Each day there is a fortune to read and you try to guess what might happen.

After reading the story we made felt fortune cookies.
       jan 29 024
I had precut the circles and made short pieces of pipe cleaners.  The big buddies wrote fortunes either before we got together or there with their little buddies. 
   jan 30 035 jan 30 042
Then using a glue gun they first glued the pipe cleaner in the centre of the felt circle, place the fortune on it, then folded the circle in half adding one more dot of glue to seal it.
jan 30 033 jan 30 049
                 The pipe cleaner lets you bend and shape the cookie.
       jan 30 084
                    Finally we enjoyed a real fortune cookie.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bee Day 2014

Every year in January our school hosts a Spelling Bee.  Leading up to the Bee classes make art work to decorate the hallway.  These are our bees.
                     jan 21 032
One of our families donated a big bag of rug hooking yarn.  I dug out the yellow and black and placed it at the art table with yellow paper, glue, scissors, googly
                  eyes and wings cut out of laminating material.

jan 22 024 jan 22 025 jan 22 032
      jan 22 034 jan 22 037
Each child approached their art in a different way.  Some started by drawing an
               oval, others placed the eyes, others just glued on the yarn.
jan 22 022 jan 22 023 jan 22 094 jan 22 095    
                              jan 23 034 
                                Each bee was unique and lovely.

jan 22 014 jan 22 015 jan 22 020
  One child and his dad decided to make a 3D bee and make him fly
                      (the bee is attached to a string).
           jan 22 016 jan 22 031
They spent probably a half an hour creating this bee.  The child loves using the
          glue gun and the parents are allowing him to be creative with it.
   jan 23 030
            Our hallway display drew attention from the older students. 
                      I saw them pointing to their favourite bee.
                                 jan 29 006
                             Till next Bee Day, keep having fun.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Record Player Art

I’m embarrassed to say that it’s been three years since we used the record player at the art table.  I’m not sure why because it attracts  the children that are the least likely to chose the art table to explore.  That was reinforced again today.
                    jan 28 035
It’s mostly boys that I’m talking about.  Boys that are always on the move
           and don’t like to sit and do but prefer to be up and go.

     jan 28 032 jan 28 033
            There were little brothers wanting to not to be left out.
Reaching in to be sure he got his turn even though he could barely see over
                                       the record player.

 jan 28 036 jan 28 037
  We added a stool to make it easier to reach and to see what was happening.

  jan 28 052 jan 28 054
              They enjoyed every step; squeezing, watching it drip and
                jan 28 055
           then using different tools to move the paint and see it blend.

               jan 27 076
Occasionally you can still find a record player at the thrift stores but you could ask your families if anyone has one packed away that might like to donate.  We’ll leave it out again tomorrow and see who ventures over.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Snowy Owls

        jan 27 072
 jan 27 042  jan 27 065 
Our craft today was to make snowy animals using pinecones and cottonballs. 
 jan 27 066 jan 27 068
After stuffing the pinecone full of cotton they then glued pom poms on and
                                  added googly eyes.
  jan 27 070 jan 27 071
               Some children used wool and looped it to make wings.
                             jan 27 046
                        They definitely are individual in their looks.