Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time Capsules

While surfing different blogs this past weekend I saw several that mentioned Time Capsules as a beginning of the year project.  For the past couple of years I did Memory Albums with the families.  Whenever I would capture a child involved in play I would print off the picture and write a brief story about what was happening.  At the end of the year the family would take their pictures home as a keepsake.  Basically the same as Time Capsules but something about the title Time Capsules I like.
So today at the art table the families were able to create the first page of their Time Capsule.
They traced their hands and decorated them as the wished.
Then they used yarn to measure how tall they are today and attached the yarn to the paper so we can use it again in June to see if they have grown during the year.

I also took photos of each child today we'll glue it on to their page.