Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Do Birds Eat?

We have been studying birds in preparation for a field trip next week up to the mountain.
We'll feed the birds, play in the snow and enjoy a snack and story time.
But that is for another post.
I posted an 'I wonder' this week 
to get the children thinking about what birds eat.
Most children responded that birds eat bird seeds.
We will make feeders with seeds in a few days
but today we used cheerios.
 The children (and grown ups) wondered if the birds will really eat Cheerios.
 As the children were busy stringing cheerios
 a discussion followed about what birds they see in their yards.
 Chickadees, Robins were a couple mentioned.
I wanted to expand their thinking to other birds
so I brought a few other stuffies to the table.
We have a lot of eagles here and we see them mostly by the water.
This was a clue that we gave the children.
What do you think the eagles eat?
What about birds we see hopping on the ground?
What do they eat?
As for the question "will birds eat Cheerios?"
I asked the children to take them home, hang them on a tree
and watch.
Then come back to tell me what happens.