Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bus Makeover – Part 4

IMG_7532 may 15 010 may 15 013
The next day, at school, we began painting the bus.
      may 15 001
At the art table we had collected materials from our storage
and art areas for the children to create parts to add to our
cardboard bus.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of
them creating only of the finish pieces.
may 15 033 New black tires.
may 15 051Mirrors for the driver.
may 15 050 Hand straps in case we have to stand.
may 15 049 The pull cord when we get to our bus stop.
may 15 052 The money drop box.
may 15 053
A destination panel, lights and license plate adorn the front
of the bus.
may 15 048 Rear view of the bus.

"All aboard", the bus is ready to roll and passengers are waiting.
may 17 016 may 17 014
may 15 030 may 15 031
The passengers pay as they step on to the bus.
 may 15 063 may 15 062
The driver checks that all are on board and the bus is on it’s way.

This project has included planning, designing, building,investigating,
exploring and sharing our ideas.  It has allowed us to follow the
interests of many children, of various ages, in our program and
create alongside them in the development of a new dramatic play
area with exposure to real life experiences.

Thanks for joining us on this trip of playing and learning.