Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Treasure Hunting We Go

Today we went to the beach to search for treasure.  Not just any beach though.  We went to where there are pirate shipwrecks.  The tide was so low that we could walk right out to the wrecks and climb on board.

The weather was beautiful and we had time to scour the beach looking for bits of treasure.
Or crabs.
We found some - gold nuggets, diamonds, sapphires, and 
of course lots of crabs.
 We saw Danger: No Trespassing signs.
We think the pirates are hiding out on the other side.
We imagined sailing the seas.
Looking through our telescopes for ships to plunder.
Then one of our families brought their GPS and we searched for a geo-cache.
Following the arrow, he led the way.
We walked to the end of the trail and there in the bushes we searched.
 We found the cache.
Inside it was a treasure map.
 We read the map and learned that the treasure was hidden back on the beach, under a tree with roots that looked like an 'X'.

 We found it after a lot of looking.
 Gold doubloons, enough for everyone.
May your treasure hunting be as happy.