Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Buddy day and I found a book
for a great activity.
This book is not about snails but about spirals.
How they can curl up tight then stretch out long.
The illustrations are wonderful.
It is a great book to talk about lines in art work.
The children designed and coloured their spirals.
Using different techniques, like putting two markers together to colour,
or zig zags were just a few.
I love how the children get involved with each other.
And confer about what they are working on.
The big buddies cut them out while the little ones waited.
A spiral starts out small but can stretch out far.
Almost taller than some.

Next few pictures show a little one playing with the spiral like a spring.
 Placing it together
 then quickly pulling it up.
And others made it spring around themselves as they walked back to our class.

The big buddies liked it so much that they made their own later in the afternoon.