Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grocery Store Play and Real

Since we've been back from Christmas break our dramatic play area has been a grocery store including a coffee shop.
Children love to pick items off the shelves, push the buggy and use the cash registers. It's always a busy place.
They made shopping lists and checked the flyers.

And had lots of coffee.

Today we had a fieldtrip to one of our local grocery stores and it was fantastic. They took us behind the scenes.

We started in the produce department and we able to choose a fruit leather to snack while we toured.

The box crusher! It's a favourite.

We had to take a peak to see if the boxes were flat.

We walked down the long hallway that is filled with groceries ready to be shelved.

Then, yay, the truck arrived. Bee, beep, beep it backed in to load up with milk to take to a school.

We saw the produce prep area, the ice cream freezer and the big floor cleaner. We thought it looked like a mini-Zamboni.

Into the bakery area, saw the oven and where the bread is sliced.

This cool machine vacuum packs. Here we put in a mitt and saw how small it became.

The meat cutter and packer.

Then were surprised to see a cake being decorated for us.

We had samples of pepperoni and cheese.

Then to the florist where we were each given a flower.

We ended at the cashier where John, our guide, showed us how the intercom worked.

John gave us each a snack bag, our cake

and we said a big thank you to Quality Foods for a wonderful morning
and for showing us how many jobs there are to run a grocery store.