Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shadows on the Big Screen

A benefit of moving to a new room is finding new ways to present activities.
That's what happen today with the overhead projector.
This is our nature exploration area.
Above and around it is an old canopy frame.
I hung a white sheet from the frame.
Then set up the overhead projector on a riser.
You can see the shadows from both sides.
 Awesome effect!

With the overhead projector I set a basket of animals 
and this book "Who Will See Their Shadow This Year?"
A few children instantly made the connection between placing an object 
on the overhead projector and what happened on the big screen.
A few others experimented.
 Does it work if I hold the toy up here?
Then we moved our photos from the light table (see earlier post)
to the overhead projector.
They became supersized.
 I took more pictures of the children present today and quickly
copied them on to transparencies.
Storytelling time.
"Giraffe went for a walk and met..."
 And the fun of identifying the shadows.
And getting physically involved.
He's jumping to reach the owl shadow.
Can't wait to see how it changes tomorrow.