Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Horsing Around

may 22 026
This morning we went to the Therapeutic Riding stables. 
We split into several groups to allow the children to have
time and space to visit with the horses.
may 22 025
One group played outside with our new pool noodle
ponies.  Thanks to Mrs. King’s Music Class blog for
the how-to.
may 21 041 may 22 029
I made a cube die with words on each side.  Each word was
an action a horse might do; gallop, trot, walk, neigh quietly,
neigh loud, flick your tail.
may 22 051  may 22 053
We started by picking one of the words on the die, threw the
die and then did that action.
      may 22 050
When we got to the die we read the new word, tossed it again
and moved to the die the new way.

may 22 007 may 22 090 may 22 091
But the highlight of the trip was meeting the horses in the stables.
may 22 125 may 22 128
The caring and welcoming volunteers know the horses so well.  They
introduced us to each one, telling us their age, how they became a
therapeutic horse and any peculiarities the horse may have.
may 22 111 may 22 115
This one, Licorice, smiles especially when he gets a candy mint. 
may 22 127 Indigo Blue was the tallest horse.
may 22 129 Sadie loves to be scratched.
may 22 095 This one (I think was Max) loved
to give kisses.  He has a very soft nose.

All of the horses we met were gentle and patient with the children
reaching up and petting.
may 22 098
Families left with appreciation for these wonderful animals and
how they help their clients that have physical challenges.
may 22 040
We’ll take our ponies back to school to use another day.