Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Quiet Place

      april 2 030
Over Spring Break my handyman (my husband) built us this tent. 
I got the plans from the facilitator of our school's Boys and Girls
Club after school program but I've since seen the plans pinned.
april 2 001 april 2 002
I really appreciated that all the materials he used were recycled.

      april 2 032
This tent provides that place for children to hide away inside,
a quiet place that our room has been lacking.
april 8 005 april 8 013
Inside is a container of little animal stuffies and board books
perfect for little hands to hold and explore.
     april 18 057
ril 17 077 ril 17 076
Another wonderful feature of the tent is that it folds flat to be stored away.