Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We’re Building an Igloo

Have you seen blogs that show how to build an igloo using milk jugs?  Here is one from Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas that I thought would be manageable.  It only needs about 130 jugs.  I'm sure we could collect that many.
So during December I started asking friends, teachers and families from
                     StrongStart to begin to save jugs.
                   jan 6 040
     Last week the jugs started to be delivered and we started building.
jan 6 006  jan 6 005 We placed yarn on the floor to help make the round shape, it turned out more
                                           like a horseshoe.

    jan 7 026 jan 7 027
We had to wait a couple of days before we had enough to add another row.  But in the meantime the children found other ways to enjoy the igloo.  The jugs work well as drums.
jan 8 040 jan 8 039 
And trying to take them apart was a popular activity, as well as playing with the
                                               loose jugs.

jan 10 012 jan 13 024
Just gluing the jugs together wasn’t strong enough so I started wrapping each row with packing tape.   As the walls got higher the children explored the inside and continued playing with the loose jugs.

jan 15 006 jan 15 007
Four rows high and we’re ready to start the beginning of the roof.  I attached a board across the opening so the row will be a complete circle.  Lots of jugs arrived today and these boys are placing them around to see if there is enough for the whole row.
jan 15 008 jan 15 009
       Or maybe they were just emptying the box so they could play with it.

   jan 15 020 jan 15 021
This is how it looked at the end of the day.  
About 60 more jugs should be enough.  
Stay tune.