Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Bus Project - Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Bus Town which was
the introduction to our talking about buses.
may 1 071
After that we surveyed the children to see which bus they would
like to create.  I predicted they would want a school bus but I was
proven wrong, as you see in the above results.
may 1 070Once it was decided that we
would build a transit bus we read several books that described
buses and talked about what our bus would look like.
may 1 075  may 1 076
One afternoon Grace and I built the base construction with a
very large cardboard box.
may 2 032 may 2 033
The next morning the children were quick to climb aboard,
sometimes through the windows.
may 6 061  may 6 068
There were drivers and passengers, learning to take turns
driving the bus took practice and patience.
may 8 047 (2)  may 8 047
As the children played and dreamed of riding a real bus we
did another survey to decide what colour we should paint the
bus.  Pink was the most suggested colour.
may 2 017Stay tuned for a post about our bus ride.