Monday, March 18, 2019

St. Patrick's Day 2019

 This is the second year that our grand daughter has come home for St. Patrick's Day.
 We headed to the forest to look for the Leprechaun tree and maybe some gold.
 Spring has arrived and the birds were singing.  The little one stopped whenever she saw a bird.  Often I had to get down at her sight line to see it.
 As we walked up the trail we found the first BIG tree.  We walked around it, peeking in all the little hidey holes and found little pots.
 Farther up the trail we came to the biggest, oldest tree in the forest.
This time I pointed, out to her, little doors set in the tree.
 She spotted them too and continued to walk around it.
We found the Leprechaun door.
How exciting to open the door and see what was inside.
Next we searched around the tree looking for gold.
We found funny green rocks instead.
 They fit into our little black pots.
Maybe these green rocks were special but what else would we need to find to help us figure it out?
Ah some magic liquid might help.  It was hidden in another tree.
We poured the magic liquid over the rocks
It bubbled and overflowed the pot.
We used a stick to stir it and find the rock.
But it had disappeared.
 In its place was a gold coin.
We found more rocks and changed them to gold too.
 I like the message left by this door;
"Find joy in the Journey"
We definitely did today.
Hope your St. Patrick's Day was magical too.