Monday, February 6, 2012

Pet Store Dramatic Play

For the past month we have been having fun with animals.
It started with a visit to the pet store to buy fish.
 As we were shopping we had a scavenger hunt to find other pets in the store.
We found
 guinea pigs,
and dogs.
Back at school we opened our own Pet Store.
Here are a few highlights.
 Little creatures - snakes, spider, turtle and
a chameleon.
 Our five new fish all have names.
Welcome Fin, Sparkle, Goldie, Lox and Fred.
The shelves were stocked with animals, leashes, grooming materials, carriers, etc.
A dog and a horse that are pregnant and ready to give birth.
A singing bird that is fed bird seed and worms.
The dogs are fed daily.
And taken for walks.
All of our pets are well loved.
The cashier was busy.
Prices were listed daily.
This week we will be visiting a veterinarian.