Wednesday, May 18, 2016

StoryWalk at the Beach

First day back to school from my trip and I was able to spend it at the beach.
Love where I live!
The morning was spent with families from my StrongStart and Colleen's.
We set up a variety of activities and the families wondered,explored and played.
One of my favourite activities to set up when we are outside is a StoryWalk.
This time I chose the book, Down at the Seaweed Cafe
by Robert Perry.
As the families walked and read the story they started to find things.
Beautiful flowers.
A dead fish.
A live fish that we helped back in to the water.
A worm.
A shell with an interesting design inside.
Sea stars and a sea cucumber.
We continued walking and reading
until we arrived at our cafe.
So many dishes were prepared but what I enjoyed the most
was hearing the grown ups reminisce about
doing this as a child, either on the beach
or in the mud.