Saturday, March 22, 2014

Drip and Roll Rainbows

As you can tell this past week has been about rainbows.  The art table has allowed us to try different techniques to create colourful expressions.  
                 march 14 011
Our last rainbow art project was to drip paint on to paper and then roll over it with rolling pins.  The morning started with the children using little syringes to drip the paint on to the paper.  But that soon changed to spoons as the syringes caused more of a splatter (especially on the walls) then a drip.
march 14 022 march 14 023
        Look how she’s checking out what happened to the paint.
              Is she wondering where to roll next?

This art was almost as popular as painting rainbows with trains and buses. 
march 14 012 march 14 013
             Look at the full body movement he’s enjoying.
march 14 014 march 14 015
And how he is standing up to try to roll the paint in another direction.  I wish I had more pictures of this activity.  The children proudly shared their pieces with me as they said goodbye at the end of their morning and many of the parents commented how much their child enjoyed the activity.