Friday, July 13, 2018

Curler Can

Here's another simple toy to make that your child will LOVE!
All you need is an old coffee can with the lid.
I used the larger size can so I can make several holes.
You will need hair curlers, I find the bristly ones work best as they give an added traction and a neat sound when pushed into the hole.
And this time I also used playing cards to challenge our Little One.
I have made this before at StrongStart using fat, medium and skinny curlers.
First, take the lid off the can and trace around the curler.  
Then cut out the hole.
Do that as many times as you like.
I made two holes.
Next do the same for the playing card.
It will look like a long slit.  After she tried it once I made the slit a bit longer.
I loved watching her try putting the card in the round hole then trying the slit after realizing it wouldn't fit in the circle shape.
Her favourite part of this activity is taking the lid off and on.
 A very simple homemade toy that offers opportunity for trial and error, shape recognition, eye to hand coordination, fine motor and solving a problem.
Make it for your little one!