Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Grandfriends This Week

During today’s visit to our grand friends’ home we made pumpkin pancakes. 
        I learned that baking together helps us all be more at ease.
While the children prepared the batter they shared the ingredients with the seniors.  The seniors asked them what they were doing and made comments about what they saw.
We practiced including everyone in the experience.  Taking turns and passing the bowl around the table.
            After the pancakes were cooked we shared them together. 
Some of the grandfriends really want to care for the children and are extra attentive.
These pictures show the children’s level of comfort with the seniors.  After visiting for four weeks they eagerly come into the room, say hi to the grand friends, ask their name and take their hand to walk together.
             The grand friends are relaxing and enjoying the children. 
                They participate more during play and music time.