Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How To Rhyme

How do you encourage rhyming with your children?
Focusing on Dr. Seuss books this week and all his wonderful rhyming has made me realize that the children I see do not do a lot of rhyming.
They hear it, in the books we read and the songs we sing.
But when asked what rhymes or sounds like eg. cat, they draw a blank.
Yes there are a few that know but I wonder is it how I'm asking?
Or am I expecting too much at an early age?
The following is our sign-in language prompt for the week.
 I placed four pictures; shoe, fish, hat and car, on the board
with the instructions to pick a picture and think of a word that rhymes.
This was difficult for most.
When someone thought of a rhyme I would write it down so
other grown ups could encourage their children.
 But this rarely happened.
Did I jump in too quick and do it for them or is having rhyming
fun something that is not happening in families.
I would appreciate hearing ideas from you on how to make rhyming 
more of a daily activity.