Monday, February 11, 2019

Farm Play

The girls are interested in farm animals.  
The twins are beginning to sign cow and say 'moo'.
 I made a felt mat for the floor to encourage that language.
It was simple to make with just felt and a glue gun.
I did use blue drawer liner for the pond.
 A problem that we encountered was that it's slippery.
When the twins crawled on top of it, it would scrunch up.
We laid a blanket underneath and it helped a bit.
 Here are the cousins looking at a cow and the big cousin is signing it.
 The barns are made from cardboard boxes that I painted then covered with modge podge so the paint wouldn't come off on their hands.
The animals I found at the dollar store.
They are from wooden inlay puzzles.
 The twins soon flipped the boxes over and put the animals inside.
Then dumped them out and did it again.
The older one thought it made a great blanket.