Monday, March 31, 2014

Corn in the Sandbox

Yesterday I shared a picture of the plants that were growing in our sandbox.  The sandbox has been closed for two weeks and there was lots of moisture that allowed popcorn kernels to sprout. 
       It gave us a great opportunity to explore plants this morning.
  IMG_1804 IMG_1805
Carefully pinching the base of the stem and pulling it gently out of the sand.
We could still see the kernel plus the long roots that were covered in sand.
The children still wanted to dig so they carefully worked around the plants. 
           Although some did get pulled for investigation.
So others practiced their planting skills by poking a hole in the sand and placing the plant back in then patting the sand around it so it stood up straight.

I’m not sure how long the plants will last in the sand box.  My guess would be a day or two or until a small child comes along and pulls them all out.

I wonder if we should try growing popcorn kernels in soil to see if they grow just as fast.