Saturday, September 22, 2012

Awesome Autumn

Fall is my favourite time of year.
I love going out for a walk on a crisp day and looking at all the beautiful red, orange and brown colours. 
The sound of leaves under my feet makes me smile.
             sept 21 001
As I mentioned yesterday, the weather has been quite warm and the leaves aren’t changing much yet.
So at the art table we made our own Autumn Trees.
         sept 21 047  sept 21 048
We started by ripping brown paper to make a tree.
                sept 21 007
Ripping paper isn’t something that we’ve done often so it took a bit of encouragement for the children to give it a try before getting scissors.

Then we began stamping on the leaves. 
sept 21 023  sept 21 030
I taped bunches of drinking straws and bunches of pencils together for the stamps.
sept 21 012 sept 21 037
The bunches consisted of 3 – 6 straws or pencils.

The results…
sept 21 011sept 21 015
                      sept 21 050
    sept 21 054