Monday, July 1, 2013

My Country – Our Canada

Today is July 1st which is a day to celebrate this wonderful country we live in.  
        july 1, 2013 001
I’d like to take you on a tour of Canada that we took way back in the summer of 1999.  The following are photos from the scrapbook that my family created while on the trip.

         july 1, 2013 002
At the time we lived in the Okanagan in central British Columbia.  First stop was at my parent’s home in Nobleford, Alberta, a couple hours drive south of Calgary.  We were just getting in the groove of making the scrapbook and forgot to take a picture of my mom and dad, so my daughter drew them.

 july 1, 2013 004 july 1, 2013 005
July 1st we spent in Saskatchewan, admiring the grain elevators, massive teepees
and, believe it or not, pelicans.
   july 1, 2013 008  july 1, 2013 012
For some reason we don’t have any photos of Manitoba.  I don’t think we worked on the scrapbook in the evenings because the mosquitoes were so bad. 

         july 1, 2013 007
Once we were into Ontario, the province that we are from and spent most of our lives till that point, we started to show our daughters some of our favourite spots.  This one is Kakabeka Falls almost to Thunder Bay where we lived for our university and college years.
     july 1, 2013 011
South of Thunder Bay we stopped at the Terry Fox memorial statue overlooking Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant.
july 1, 2013 013 july 1, 2013 052
We took in many of the tourist sites along the way.
july 1, 2013 014 july 1, 2013 015
As well as places the girls remembered and wanted to create new memories.
july 1, 2013 018 july 1, 2013 019
In southern Ontario we stopped in Niagara Falls, my birth place.  Then Canada’s Wonderland which could be called a Disney of the North.

july 1, 2013 021 july 1, 2013 022
From Ontario we drove on to Quebec and enjoyed watching street performers as we toured beautiful Quebec City.  The city is old compared to western cities.  Another difference is the amount of brick used in the buildings.  Western Canada naturally used more timber to build.
                july 1, 2013 027
My favourite part of the trip was visiting Gaspe.  When I was a child my family rented a motorhome and took us to the east coast.  The memory of Perce rock in Gaspe has always stayed with me.  I think because it was my first experience with tides.  Or it could be the friendly atmosphere of this small community.

 july 1, 2013 028 july 1, 2013 031
On to Nova Scotia, so friendly, so full of culture from the fishing industry to the home of Alexander Graham Bell.  I love the note my daughter wrote beside the photo of learning how to launch a new ship, ‘we used our IMAGINATION’.

              july 1, 2013 033
From Nova Scotia we took the ferry to Newfoundland.  There are two routes you can go; a 6 hour ferry to Port Aux Basques or about 13 hours to St. John’s.  When planning the trip, way west in B.C. we opted to go the shorter route.  Next time we’ll definitely have to go to St.John’s.
  july 1, 2013 039 july 1, 2013 038
Up the west coast of Newfoundland we stopped in Corner Brook and learned about Captain James Cook and his discovery of the new found land.
      july 1, 2013 037
Tim Hortons is a Canadian treasure and in the eastern part of Canada you’ll find one at almost every corner.  We stopped at many of them.

july 1, 2013 041 july 1, 2013 043
Back to Nova Scotia, a drive around Cape Breton took us to the ferry to Prince Edward Island.  The sand on PEI is red, we took a piece of scotch tape and pressed it into the sand then stuck it in our scrapbook.  PEI is home to Anne of Green Gables and a potato museum.  I picked up a few recipes there, my favourite is potato candy.
    july 1, 2013 045
My husband took the opportunity to cycle around the island while the girls and I did all the tourist stops.  We also visited light houses, glass bottle house, and beaches.

 july 1, 2013 046 july 1, 2013 029
Leaving PEI we took, the then new, Confederation Bridge.  The bridge is over 12,000 meters long and takes about 12 minutes to cross to arrive in New Brunswick.  We discovered a chocolate factory and a beautiful beach called La Dune de Bouctouche.

 july 1, 2013 048 july 1, 2013 049
We did a quick trip back through some eastern states to Ontario and did a quick trip to Smith Falls to the Hershey chocolate factory.  Yes those are chocolate fingerprints on the paper.
      july 1, 2013 053
It helped us make the long but quick trip back to British Columbia. 
If you live in Canada, where?  If you traveled to Canada before, what part? 
It’s a big country with lots to see and very worth a trip.