Monday, June 20, 2011

Stone Painting

Last Friday we spent the morning at the beach.
While there I collected stones.
Since making story stones, I collect rocks whenever I have the chance.
This morning I set them on the art table.
Part inspiration was from these books.
Some parents shared the books with their children before starting and others read while their child painted.
Some children wanted to paint a lot of stones and I was concerned that there may not be enough for children who arrived later in the morning so I pulled out a few of our wooden peg people for them to paint.
The following child approached this project a bit differently.
He painted the stone with water first,
then added paint.
He would watch the paint mix with the water and then run down the side of the rock.
Then add more paint and keep repeating.
Next time I'll collect shells for the children to paint, it was a suggestion from several parents.