Monday, November 25, 2013

Spread, Sprinkle and Spritz

       nov 25 002
  Our art project this morning included a bit of science.
    nov 25 001
      We created galaxies full of sparkling stars.
nov 25 005 nov 25 007
 nov 25 008 nov 25 009
I mixed paint and glue together for the children to spread on the paper.  Then they sprinkled baking soda on top, using lots.  They spritzed vinegar all over and watched to see what happened.

          nov 25 010 
Today was the busiest our art table has been in a long time.  That tells me that the children are interested in exploratory art activities and I'll try to provide more of them.

 nov 25 013 nov 25 014
     Lots of effort was put in to using the spritz bottles.

nov 25 043 nov 25 045
Another sign that this activity was popular?  Most of the art work went home instead of staying on the drying rack.