Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Reading Our Own StoryWalk

Yesterday we went outside with our Big Buddies to enjoy
the StoryWalk that the children created last week.
While I was busy putting the pages up around the playground,
Ms Seymour re -read the story "I Went Walking".
For such a simple story it amazes me how much the children enjoy it.
Then they were out and running around the school yard.
I loved how the little buddies challenged the big buddies to run
from page to page.
I think the best thing about writing our own StoryWalk, for this large of 
a group,
is that it doesn't matter where you start or which way you go.
Just pick a page and go from there.
We didn't have the congestion of waiting to read each page, in order, 
that we experienced on previous StoryWalks.
It was fun when they found their own page,
or when they tried to think of a sound for the new animal.
What kind of a sound would a Sneaver make?
To finish the fun they ran around once again to collect our pages.
What other story could we write?