Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Barn Transformation

     We have this fabulous box that we’ve been using for our barn. 
  It’s a perfect size and still in great shape so instead of putting it
                into the recycling bin we re-painted it.
       After painting we transformed it into a gingerbread house.
IMG_1562 IMG_1567
           I added lights and a fabric that looked like icicles.
               The children painted paper plates for roof shingles.
     IMG_1734 IMG_1744
         Our red/green patterned gingerbread roof half done. 
It took two days to paint enough shingles to cover the one side of the roof.

          Today we used the salad spinners to make candy decorations. 

I also found a different set of lights that change colour.  After hanging them
I spotted children throughout the morning taking a closer look at the lights.

We still have a few more decorations to make.
Tomorrow we will make candy cane tubes and on Thursday we will
                 make handprint wreaths for the doors.

It’s exciting when we can continue to use materials but in different ways. 
            I wonder what the box will become next?