Sunday, October 14, 2012

Play Trays

These are the trays that were available the week before Thanksgiving.
oct 1 001
Autumn leaf counting. 
I found the tree clip art on Google images,
then added the number and the word underneath.
oct 1 018 oct 2 018
Not just for counting though. 
By providing a basket the little ones enjoy taking the leaves
out and putting them back in or just dumping.
oct 1 005
Little plastic finger puppets of male and female turkeys.
You can tell by the hats they are wearing.
oct 2 020
It wasn’t a very popular tray,
except for the dumping factor.
oct 1 004
Matching and patterning of leaves and nut pictures.
oct 2 016
Attaching the pictures with velcro makes it easier for
the pictures to stay in place and less frustration.

And finally the favourite tray this week and the easiest to put together.
oct 1 002
Yes these are real zippers that I hot glued onto flexboard
(I think that’s what it’s called).
oct 1 014 oct 1 015
They loved unzipping and zipping them up, over and over.
I’m sure there were a few parents that went home and made this for their child.
Amazingly the glue held pretty firm.
 Only once did I have to touch it up.