Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sunflower Seed Cookies

To celebrate the end of our study of sunflowers we made cookies today.
I bought sunflower seeds still in their shells, like the ones we were picking out of the real flower, so the children could try to crack them open.  They learned which part could be eaten and which part couldn’t.
The recipe is from Confetti Sweets.  I made half of the recipe the night before to be sure it turned out and brought the rest of the ingredients to school.
This was our first cooking of this school year.  Some of the children have cooked with me before while others experienced it for the first time.  We took turns, going around the table, adding the ingredients to the bowl, stirring and mixing.
The last ingredient was the sunflower seeds.  Once they were added I gave the children more seeds to eat.  No one said they didn't like them. Then we scooped the dough onto the baking sheet.
         They were a bit crumbly but I squished them in to balls.
Baking help them hold together and they turned a nice golden brown.
The children didn’t have to wait long to try a cookie because I brought
              out the cookies I had made the night before.