Friday, September 23, 2011


One of the most popular activities at our centre is hammering.
When I set up at the beginning of a school year I keep in mind that the children have grown, interests may have changed,  and new families are arriving.  But from the first day of school I have had children ask "Where are the hammers?"
This week I brought out the hammers, golf tees, safety goggles and prepped some styrofoam.  I cover the styrofoam with cardboard to lessen the mess.  Broken pieces of styrofoam are fussy to clean up.
One year I put out real nails but a few parents were quite concerned, remember that our program is open for children birth to 5.

A couple of days of listening to the hammering echoing off the wooden table we put carpet squares under it to dampen the sound.

The goggles were suggested by a parent who is an optometrist - safety first, also developing good practice.
The children that have never used a hammer before are learning how.  That the back part of the hammer is to help you remove the tee if it went in crooked or in the wrong place.

What I enjoy observing about this activity is that all ages give it a try and the grownups are always involved.  They lend a hand with using the tools, they encourage a calmness and sharing but most of all they talk about experiences.  Experiences that the child might have with hammering or talking about someone that the child knows that uses the same tools.  Making connection between play and real life.