Monday, December 3, 2012

Scented Painting

     dec 3 063
At the art table this morning I added scents to the paints.
dec 3 018 Cinnamon was added to the brown.
dec 3 008 Peppermint to the red paint.
dec 3 010 And lemon was added to the yellow.

We used various cookie cutters like gingerbread men, clothing cutters
(pants, shirt, shoes, skirt, mitts, hats), and a house-shaped cutter.
dec 3 017
As the children began to paint they wanted to add more details.
dec 3 019 dec 3 020
So using qtips and a small sponge dabber they were able to decorate
facial features and house decor.
dec 3 004
Grown ups and children shared their paintings.
dec 3 022 Counting how many are in the house.
dec 3 026 Adding Christmas lights on the house.
dec 3 016 Making a gingerbread dance.

And so much more.
dec 3 051 dec 3 052
    dec 3 054
dec 3 059 dec 3 056
   dec 3 055
The more the paint was used the stronger the scent became.
I wonder if when they’re dry, if we scratch them will they still smell?
We’ll have to try that tomorrow.