Thursday, November 26, 2015

Gingerbread Creation 2015

Each year our StrongStart centre creates and donates a gingerbread creation to our local Boys & Girls Club’s fundraiser.  We always share the fun with our big buddy class.

This year I found our inspiration on Pinterest and shared it with our big group.
      We met for a planning session and drew Christmas trees.

The next day the StrongStart children made gingerbread squares that will be used
                     to make a wall around the trees.
            That afternoon the big buddies made rice krispie trees.

This week we got together to decorate the trees.  It was so tempting to eat the candy instead of putting it on the tree but our big buddies were great models and the trees were well decorated.

Tonight, at our evening session, the walls went up and we decorated around it with

A final step was to add snow.  We sifted icing sugar to give a snowy effect.
                   Some of the trees looks like a storm hit.