Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tube Snakes

      feb 6 190
This is the year of the snake and I spotted this easy snake craft on
Pinterest from eighteen25.
 feb 7 026  feb 7 028
The snake is made from a toilet or paper towel tube.
        feb 7 025
I brought out toy snakes so we could see their colouring
and the colour patterns on them.
feb 7 031  feb 7 014
Cutting the tube in a spiral is very challenging.
It helped when a grown up held and turned the tube while
the child cut.
    feb 7 017
We looked closely at the toy snakes to see their
eyes and tongue,
      feb 7 036
     then we added them to our own snake.
 feb 7 023 feb 7 043
feb 7 057
We finished them off by gluing a chop stick inside to help the snake stretch out longer.