Monday, May 6, 2013

Bus Town

Many of the families have expressed that their children are interested
in going for a bus ride so the past couple of weeks we have been talking
and playing with buses.  
   april 23 036
We’ve talked about different kinds of buses and surveyed the children
to see what bus they would like to ride on. 
IMG_6619  IMG_6621
Then they drew a picture of themselves and added it to the choice of buses.
IMG_6718 april 30 015
We've read books about buses and using toys we practiced waiting for
and riding on the bus.

        may 6 076
             Today we started to build Bus Town.
may 6 095  may 6 065
Using a variety of collage materials they built buildings and
trees to add to Bus Town.
may 6 050 may 6 083
   may 6 071  may 6 084
By the end of the morning our town was taking shape.
may 6 099 may 6 100
With a couple of houses, a farm, a hospital, tree and a bus.