Monday, May 20, 2019

Bringing The Three Bears to Life

I brought my Goldilocks and The Three Bears story bag for the little ones to play with.
I moved their little table over with one of it's hard chairs, added a softer foot stool and a little wood stool for baby bears chair.
A big bowl, a medium bowl and a little bowl with spoons were set on the table.
Blankets were set around on the couch for the bears' beds.
Here is Goldilocks trying them out.
 Each child picked a bear to play with.
C picked Momma Bear,
 M picked Pappa Bear,
and D chose the Baby Bear, although it looks like it is soon to be grabbed by one of her cousins.
The older one, who is familiar with the story, took Goldilocks through her paces.
While the younger ones played with all the props.
 After playing for awhile I moved the table back to it's spot and we set up the bowls and bears.
And the play continues.